Monday, May 25, 2009

The lips of two hands, curved and flashing flesh:
the white drug in the dip, fingers that reach
to sip hallucinogenic hazards like hot milk -
For both are white and tenable
in the tipped hot cup of hot-cupped palms
poured out like life-source, sipped, kept
warm on the lips of kids in schools
and drug addicts alike. What is it about white
light that so kindles love?

This stuff's not firelight, yet pills and milk
both bring the mind
to another plane. How strange
that the liquid love donned out in broad daylight
by schools and mums trains tots
to seek as teens the soft warm love
of the drug, the E, the pills cupped like a breast
in the hot held hand at the back of the club,
the stream of milky white, the next best